Monday 28 March 2022

The Parallel Society.

The way out of the current subversion of our culture by Woke Totalitarianism is not by opposing it, being from a totally irrational background, discussion with its adherents is totally futile. And in many countries, such as here in the UK, the takeover of culture is already largely complete. Further, if Western Civilisation can be subverted by a culture of inherent weakness, a victim culture, then the husk of that civilisation was never worth saving anyway. This has been spotted by our rivals and has a causal role in the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Rather than engage or challenge the dominant Woke Totalitarian culture, we should continue the process of working around them, much as managers work around useless counterparts within large organisations. The parallel societies of the former Soviet bloc shows us the path. We need to form a Parallel Society, and this is done simply by not engaging with the Woke and their culture, but by working around them, without their permission, and without allowing them to set the agenda.

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