Tuesday, 15 March 2022

Putin and the Weakness of the West

I am restarting blogging. Work on reprocessing PIOMAS and other data is currently ongoing and in due course I shall be publishing and maintaining data, as I once did. However blogging will follow a wider area of interests than just sea ice.

But first some useful words from David Starkey.

I say useful because whilst I don't agree with all he says, for example the idea that the Ukrainian people's identity being a recent thing, I find the bulk of what he says correct and enlightening. 

What has happened since Starkey posted this commentary on 26th February 2022 is that Putin's army seems to have been proven borderline-useless. Probably this is due to the long standing problem of Russian corruption. The money that should have gone into maintaining the Russian army and its assets probably went into supplementing the lifestyles of the officers and administrators.

That noted, Putin has correctly judged the West to be weak, in the following video he pretends sympathy for the West being overtaken by the DIE cult (Diversity Inclusivity Equity). Note, Putin does not indulge in general chat, what he says he says for strategic reasons, this is in that vein.

That speech left me puzzled, until I saw the field hospitals being arranged, and later when the invasion happened my suspicion was confirmed. He was mocking us, waving our weakness in our face and ridiculing us.

The West needs to wake up to reality. We need to recognise the unique value and primacy of liberal democratic values and of democracy. Yes, Western Liberal Democracy is better than societies that practice religious and racial intolerance, deny women rights, persecute the LGBT community, deny freedom of speech. We need to recognise that we are not only subject to subversion internally from the DIE cult, but we also need to recognise that we have barbarians at the gates, like all civilisations. If we show weakness, we incur risk of war, the weakness of the West is too dangerous a state in which to allow indulgence.

And now the Ukrainians are paying in blood for the failings of the West and the willingness of our civilisation to its flaunt weakness. It is time for us in the West to stand up, shoulder our responsibilities  with fortitude, and wake up to reality. 

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Chris Reynolds said...

Damn, the Youtube Censors have blocked the Putin video. If anyone needs it use a VPN. I am utterly sick of this creep to totalitarianism.