Tuesday 24 January 2012

Dr Jennifer Francis on Arctic weather impacts.

Dr Jennifer Francis recently gave an excellent lecture at the Weather and Climate Summit about the wider impacts of the loss of Arctic sea-ice. I was lucky to see it via the internet last weekend and have waited until now to discuss because the presentation has only just been posted on YouTube.  The video is 1:24 long, but is well worth viewing.

Arctic Methane: What can AIRS tell us. Part 2.

This post won't really make much sense unless you've read the original post. It would also help to check out the videos of AIRS methane retrievals that I've previously posted.

Dr Yuragonov was good enough to point to some significant problems with a conclusion I drew in my previous post. In the meantime something else has occurred to me. So this post in essence is intended to add some major caveats to my claimed observations of apparent recurrent small scale anomalies in the AIRS images. The thrust of this will be towards the Laptev Sea anomaly because of it's possible linkage to Semiletov and Shakhova's work in that area. However these caveats also apply to the areas of the Lena River and the Yukon.

Friday 13 January 2012

Arctic Methane: What can AIRS tell us?

In the last few days I've posted a set of polar view videos of AIRS retrievals of methane. I've been seeing what I can discern from these, so here are a few observations based on them. This isn't the whole story, others might see details I've missed, or be able to correct me. As usual feel free to post comments, I'd also be interested in any links to discussions elsewhere.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Arctic Methane: AIRS videos.

NOTE - the source images for these videos have been changed with effect from October 2012. This means I will need to recompile and update all of the videos from scratch. I aim to do this by the end of the month but am unwell at present - so can't do right now.

There's been a flurry of activity on the 'net about methane and the Arctic recently. This seems to be related to the AGU poster by Semilitov & Shakhova and new research from them due for publication this year. The ever-excellent Realclimate have posted two articles by Dr David Archer, here and here. Neven's Sea-Ice blog (also excellent) addresses the issue here.