Sunday 3 July 2022

Pursue Meaning, not Happiness

Our culture is in a dead end, the rise of the Safety-Nazis and the rise of mental illness go hand-in-hand. We need to pursue meaning, not happiness, we need to follow the path of self-development, not trying to be the best compared to others. As Peterson put it, compare yourself not with others, rather compare yourself with who you were yesterday, or indeed, last year.  

In an age where we face machines becoming the best at many, formerly, human fields of endeavour this is especially the case. Given time, the machines will become increasingly a means to sate pleasure in more and more spheres of culture, but this is only ever temporary, not that it doesn't have its place in life but as a goal it is damaging. Given time sentient hyper-intelligences will be made. What is there for us then? To find our own paths in life, to find meaning in life for ourselves.

The current societal obsession with hedonism and safety are a dead end. Why do I include safety? Because development and strength are forged by adversity.

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