Friday 15 July 2022

Kemi Badenoch for Prime Minister

The UK Government is in turmoil following the defenestration of Boris Johnson. He was finally driven to resign the leadership of the Conservative Party after some 49 ministers and permanent secretaries resigned over a period of a few days. That was the culmination of months of the entire party guiding him to the door, some people just cannot take a hint. 

After a catalogue of episodes of bad judgement Johnson's time was up. Now the race to replace him is on.

There are five current candidates, in order of votes gained from other Conservative MPs, are: Rishi Sunak, almost-billionaire from the upper echelons of status within the West. Penny Mordaunt who is suspiciously close to Woke in some of her statements. Liz Truss, in my opinion so unremarkable I cannot think of anything to say about her. Kemi Badenoch. And Tom Tugenhadt (see Liz Truss).

I have been following Kemi Badenoch with interest for some time, and while not a member of a political party, with very centrist Classical Liberal instincts, she is the first MP to interest me since Rory Stewart. Stewart being the greatest Prime Minister that the UK never got to have, having lost in the contest that selected Boris Johnson at around the same stage it looks like Kemi Badenoch will. The victory of Johnson at that time belying what such Conservative leadership elections often look like: Upper Class Twit Of The Year.

So what has struck me as remarkable about Badenoch? In this I use my instincts, the same instincts that have enabled me to correctly reject psychologically risky people. I once rejected someone who was good on paper, but troubled me during interview such that as soon as I escorted them out I came back to my office and wrote one word on the notes of the interview without being able to pin down why, that word was 'dangerous'. The tirade of threats and abuse that followed my sending the email declining them told me how right I was.

That same instinct comes into play when I watched this:

Her delivery is calm and professional, incisively logical and well structured. I guess, in short, that Kemi Badenoch is the sort of person I feel could be my Managing Director and would make me feel settled and confident that someone capable was steering the ship. This cannot be said of Boris Johnson, a man of such little ability and wit that I would not feel settled with him at the helm.

I am not alone in supporting Kemi. Many notable right-wing commentators on You Tube and the wider culture, Toby Young, Mahyar Tousi, Rod Liddle, Emma Webb, have all either explicitly backed Kemi or said very favourable things. Indeed David Starkey opined that she was the "only candidate capable of thinking", a sentiment with which I wholeheartedly agree. It is notable that many of these people have at times been accused of being racist, as indeed have the peanut gallery of You Tube comments. But on most videos of Kemi from right-wing posters the general sentiment is one of support, especially due to her principled stand against the Woke totalitarians.

But, alas, it is unlikely she will win. Were she to be backed she would prove a Prime Minister that would be an unopposable force for the opposition, indeed the Telegraph published an opinion piece with the headline "The Tory who is Labour's real worst nightmare". But the majority of Tory MPs, like cattle, will continue the policy of picking people from their establishment, often in return for favours in terms of appointments to office. This is a loss for the country, but for someone as capable as Kemi Badenoch it will be but a blip on the path of success of whatever she turns her hand at.

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