Thursday 2 June 2022

Depp/Heard - Diagnostic of the Sickness in our Culture

Johnny Depp has been vindicated and Amber Heard has been revealed as a dangerous woman with serious psychological issues. This follows a contrary decision in UK courts, in terms of public perception the difference between the two is that this time we could follow, because this court action was televised. The result is an event that is diagnostic of the deep sickness in the culture of the West.

Firstly, to appreciate this sickness I go to the BBC, and watch their report, keeping in mind the litany of domestic abuse and lies perpetrated by Amber Heard as evidenced by the Court's proceedings. A catalogue of behaviour that was cast into true relief by her malicious taunting of Depp that as a man nobody would believe her abuse of him.

Up to 2 minutes 45 seconds there is a factual account of the decision, including the acceptance of a 'pretty high bar' for the decision. From that point the ideologically driven manipulation commences, first a thirty second montage overlooking Depp's being the victim, instead portraying Heard as the victim. Nowhere in the report was the key audio of Heard taunting Depp played. At 4 minutes 50 seconds we get the now standard account of online abuse aimed at Heard, as a woman, a repeat of a meme that women are especially subject to online abuse which stands in the face of women receiving less online abuse and less serious online abuse.
Some 35% of men say they have been called an offensive name versus 26% of women, and being physically threatened online is more common occurrence for men rather than women (16% vs. 11%).  Source.
After another meander into factual reporting together with Depp's statement and reference to Heard's statement by 8 minutes 30 they are back on message, bringing on a writer for The Observer (a woke left-wing outlet). She raises the prior court case in the UK, states 'the possibility' that the outcome of this legal action is an example of a woman being silenced from voicing (implicitly true) account of abuse and that this may enable other abusers (implicitly male). She also cites the memes within the culture surround this case and frames them as a 'me-too' backlash, going on to frame Heard as an 'imperfect victim' of domestic violence (11 minutes 15 seconds). 

That Heard is an 'imperfect victim' is hagiography at its worse. Depp has had numerous former partners (women) come forward to account positively for his character, indeed one of Heard's attempts to smear him was destroyed by the appearance of Kate Moss who stated that Depp did not push her down a flight of stairs. During the court case questions were raised about Heard's behaviour with previous partners. Yes, Depp did lose the counter claim by Heard, this related to statements made by his legal team to the effect that Heard's claim of domestic abuse was baseless [May have misunderstood this - it seems that it may solely relate to claims that Heard untidied a flat prior to the arrival of police. 16:34 2/5/22]. So implicit in this is that Depp was not perfect. However Heard was found out for using make-up to create bruises (which magically vanished the same evening) and for claims that Depp had pinned her to the floor with his knee on her back (when no bruising was apparent as she wore a backless dress in public later the same day). 

All things considered, with regards Depp's behaviour I am reminded of John Sweeney's reaction to representatives of the Church of Scientology. After days of constant interference and provocation he finally lost his temper and that Cult portrayed him as unhinged. Similarly, living with a malignant, violent person suffering from borderline personality disorder is likely to drive anyone over the edge. I guarantee this, if I keep poking you with my finger, and as you try to walk off I follow you and persist, I will elicit a response that by photo or short video can be used to portray you as aggressive.

The BBC article is reminiscent of the reporting of the Ottawa Trucker's Occupation earlier this year, for example this article. People I met getting their news from the mainstream media were coming out with total misapprehension of the reality of the situation. How did I know? Because I watched streamers on YouTube like Viva Frei reporting live on the ground, and the people I saw (being chatted with) weren't Neo-Nazis, just ordinary regular people. Likewise, the media could spin the first Depp court case in the UK because it wasn't live-streamed, however they couldn't gate-keep the narrative with this recent court case because it was streamed, and we all could see the details that the media wanted to consign to the memory hole. And this is why the majority of people sided with Depp, not because we are especially biased towards him (look at the fate of Bill Cosby), but because we recognised an abuser when we saw one and that was Amber Heard. 
“You can tell people it was a fair fight… see what the jury and judge think,”

“Tell the world, Johnny, tell them ‘I, Johnny Depp, a man, I’m a victim, too, of domestic violence… and it’s a fair fight.’ And see how many people believe or side with you,”

Thus spoke Amber Heard.

Only an abuser would say this, and the sneering tone in which it was said was a tone indicative of a person, confident in their power, talking down to their victim. This audio, omitted from the first court case, is what will have swayed many in favour of Depp.

Fourth-wave intersectional feminist ideas are dominant in the mainstream media, and these ideas are ion error. They have gone even as far as to give these errors legal force through the Duluth Model, legal systems in the West are now generally biased in favour of women to the detriment of men. The problem with this, and with the implicit bias in the mainstream media, is that men can be victims and women abusers. 

There are toxic people of both genders, and the model of toxic masculinity perpetuated by the media is wrong because in reality it is a case of toxic personalities, regardless of gender. 

Depp/Heard diagnoses the mental sickness of fourth wave intersectional feminist ideas because in this case the evidence is laid bare, and absent the gatekeeping of the ideologically captured media, people are free to make up their own minds. So contrary to the common media narrative of male-as-abuser, female as-noble-victim, Depp is now lionised and Heard is ostracised.

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