Monday, 16 December 2013

Improved Grid Box Area Calculation

I will be posting properly in the New Year once I have a reply from Dr Zhang. However after one final post of 2013, to be posted tomorrow, I will not be blogging until 2014. I wanted to provide the massive improvement to my sea ice data so that those who want to can use the data.

Grid box areas for each grid box in the PIOMAS domain have been recalculated following advice from Dr Zhang. The error from the PIOMAS monthly series is shown below.

Click on it to enlarge, but basically I was running with a -0.6% error with respect to PIOMAS monthly data, now the error is considerably less (green plot).

  • Previous data: -0.614% average error.
  • New data: +0.002% average error.

For those who want to use the data it is now at a stage where further improvements will be less than the difference between the PIOMAS monthly series, and monthly averages derived from the daily series. I have updated all three CSV files linked to in the previous post presenting PIOMAS gridded data broken down into regions as used by Cryosphere Today.

The data can be found here.

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