Sunday 19 May 2013

Mid May Miscellanea - Housekeeping

Just a quick 'housekeeping' post. I've been busy with other Arctic related matters, but have now updated some data.

For some time I've had pages with regional breakdowns of PIOMAS gridded thickness data, available here. After the PIOMAS team were good enough to get thickness data out early, giving thickness data up to March, I had updated the spreadsheet but had overlooked updating the CSV style pages. Looking at the usage stats for the blog I am now aware some people are using that data, so I apologise for not updating earlier. For those without Excel, the CSV style pages are now updated to March 2013, for all sub-regions and the whole PIOMAS domain breakdowns of volume contribution from various thickness bands.

I've also previously made available a spreadsheet of CT Area and PIOMAS Volume (main timeseries), daily from 1979 to the present. This will always be updated following the release of new PIOMAS data around the end of the first week of the month. This spreadsheet is intended merely to help give a bit of a head start to people not used to dealing with the data. The design of the spreadsheet is explained here, and I will do an extra post on how to update it, when I get the chance.

Anyway the sea ice spreadsheet has now been updated to data available as of yesterday, 18 May, this is available here. I will update around the middle of the month, and at least during the melt season aim to do a 'miscellanea' post, if only to say the spreadsheet has been updated. As always; do not wait for Google Docs to present a view, it's an Excel format multi-sheet format file which cannot be rendered by Google Docs. Click File>Download, save and open.

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