Tuesday 9 August 2011

28 Weeks Days Hours Later.

Here in the UK the vermin are rioting. I guess I can't let this go without blogging, it is pretty amazing.

What started with the pretext of someone being shot by the Police in London has spread amongst the vermin like wildfire. They've been using Blackberry's because they think the police can't intercept messages - these jerks have obviously never heard of warrants, Duh! Basically it's the witless, lawless, feckless and workshy's version of the Christmas sales, mainly an excuse for looting. There were some on the TV tonight whining about not being shown respect - bloody well earn it then!

Tonight Manchester City Centre has seen major shops attacked and petrol bombed, cars set alight (and the BBC's Radio Manchester radio car overturned). Let's be clear, this is not a racial issue. Most of the victims in London (Europe's melting pot) seem to have been of immigrant descent (perhaps I should say 'recent' immigrant descent - go back far enough and we're all of immigrant descent in the UK). Reports describe the vermin as being both white and black. Unlike the 1980s riots this isn't about real desperate poverty and economic desolation, I know; I grew up in the seventies and was looking for work in the eighties.

I feel sorry for those dirctly impacted by these vermin, people have literally just escaped with their lives having been burnt out of flats above shops. But at least the majority of the vermin will get their dues (expect heavy jail terms).

All this said, it makes for damned compelling rolling TV news...

It's like watching 28 Hours Later.


Lazarus said...

I still haven't got my head around how this all kicked off. The guy that was shot by police hardly appears to have been an upstanding pillar of his community and the actions of the police still are under investigation.

So how did this spark the riots and destruction in London? How did it spread across England - and apparently not Wales, Scotland or N. Ireland?

It certainly doesn't seem racial or particularly political but it does ask the question about how more likely this sort of thing will be if policing numbers are cut.

It seems that the thugs that tag along with other demonstrations, such as the recent student ones, decided to get together and go it alone. They don't appear very smart because as you say most will get their dues as they were caught on camera with their hoodies down long enough to identify them.

Chris Reynolds said...

I'm also unable to account for it. What made me think of 28 Days Later was the way this came from out of the blue and spread so rapidly, which is how a movie prequel would have portrayed the start of The Rage outbreak.

I suspect that regards the messages online, people may have been caught up in the heat of the moment and joined in. A sort of criminal flash-mob. Once the events had spread throughout London it was inevitable that it would spread outside the capital.

I used to live in a rough area of Birmingham and was amazed how mates living in wealthier areas couldn't concieve of how the area was dominated by dysfunctional youths that nobody could rein in.

just an opinion said...

It might be just an outlandish point of view, but after reading Britain's f*cked generation, I started looking for similar signs here in Germany.

According to the Unicef report, which measured 40 indicators of quality of life – including the strength of relationships with friends and family, educational achievements and personal aspirations, and exposure to drinking, drug taking and other risky behavior – British children have the most miserable upbringing in the developed world. American children come next, second from the bottom.


There was already a no future movement years ago here, but now the economic pressure is higher and looking at the horizon is anticipated as dis-motivating.

I think, there is now a generation in power living at the cost of the next and the latter does not want to copy that pattern, but fails to lace an alternative, which understandably leads to both deep frustration and aggression.

I believe there is very deep reason to all what happened and it might need fundamental changes to get everybody actually enjoying his or her future.

Chris Reynolds said...

Yet there was a 'no future' movement in the UK in the late '70s - punk. I know, I was one.

But even with that the riots were by black people provoked by the police and society's racism. These riots weren't a black affair, there were all races.

I have little sympathy for the undereducated because I've known some that still have a moral code and had no sympathy for the riots.

Where I think our opinions converge is that we've allowed economic forces to create a society based on what you have, not who you are.