Thursday, 13 October 2016

It's all going a lot J G Ballard

This is the last post on this blog for a while, I don't know how long, I don't even know if I will resume. Given my nature it is likely that when I have more free time in a few years some other shiny puzzle will attract my attention. I will be putting comments on moderation in due course but will try to pop in to check them, but being very busy I might not make it as often as I'd like.

This decision is because of two factors: I have my savings outside of the UK now and need to keep my eye on business matters in order to actively manage my investments. I am now on the Financial Times website far more than any climate change or sea ice related site. Also the impacts of the disastrous Brexit vote are already starting to hit UK industry and I am finding my day job takes more of my time. Something has to give, it's not going to be walking, computer gaming, mixing music, watching films, radio tinkering, so it will have to be sea ice.

When the vote was made back in June I did a post entitled It's all going a bit J G Ballard. Now, nearly three months on, it is far worse. And, as I keep having to remind deluded Brexit voters, we haven't even left the EU yet!